365 Perfect is an app for the mobile phone that describes itself as:

“the best FREE virtual make-up app, period.
It’s like having a glam squad in your pocket”

The free app offers virtual photo make-up, including filters such as ‘delete blemishes’ and ‘brighten or soften skin’.
It can also deepen the smile, add lipstick or lip tatoos, enlarge the eyes and make the face slimmer,
lift the cheeks, enhance the nose, or resize the lips.
Change the colour of your irises.
whiten the teeth, lengthen your lashes, and even groom your brows.

I used the app on the most wide spread and even famous"white shadows"
- the caucasian ladies that were used as colour test cards for image processing -
not once, not twice, but hundreds of times over and over ...
... so much perfection ...

With every tuning of the face, the portraits would turn just one shade lighter, slimmer or smoother...
until the newly beautified faces would move from exaggeration to
 showcasing the absurdity of beautifying standards.

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