Realities Beyond Resolution
�▲ This far South, the third dimension is not functioning like it normally does; //?? It feels like my sense of depth of field does not work ; ...or maybe here, there is no depth ¿¿???... _____________________________ If there is no depth -Euclidean space disarmed- I am outside of depth and there is no ground - the moment I jump I lose any folds beneath my feet and I will never hit /▦▦▦▦▦▦▦▦▦▦▦▦▦▦▦▦ I will forever be un_falling, and it will never ... hurt .. .
Realities Beyond Resolution as installed in OFFLINE ART: Hardcore by Aram Bartholl (2013)

‘Hardcore’ features a selected group of artists representing a wide range of radical approaches contrasting the mainstream idea of the digital image and web culture. Referring to subcultures in music during the 80s & 90s todays hardcore attitude can be found in various media and genres on the Internet. In the glossy controlled era of Facebook, Apple, and Google hardcore artists challenge conventions with radical points of view and hard core works.