CCBYNCSA Laura Fiorio
Performance of the Shredded Hologram Rose during the Transmediale 2023. 
The Shredded Hologram Rose (2021-2023)
The Shredded Hologram Rose is inspired by "Fragments of a Hologram Rose," a 1977 science fiction short story by William Gibson.

In this short story, a Media Archeologist from the Future - a “100 cycles” in the future - comes home to her Hyper Yves Klein Blue-saturated cube. There, she reflects on her day, which started in misery: she fractured her dear Hologram Rose.

“From the shredded side of a Hologram, one can peek into the 3D objects’ Delta Axis. From this perspective, one can see the Holograms render objects, which form a repository of layered information about the Holograms provenance, metadata, and other information that the unscathed Hologram would never prevail.”

She contemplates the information she gathered during her visit of the DeCalibration Target, where she sourced the i.R.D. information on DCTs, an algorithm that lies at the basis of the now decommissioned JPEG compression, an encoding protocol she will have to understand in order to fix (de-glitch) her beloved Rose.

An earlier short video work was created for the group exhibition Fragments of a Hologram Rose curated by Rick Silva for Feral File. (29 June 2021). The work was extended for IMPAKT Festival: The Curse of Smooth operations and NAC Memory Card festival.

The Shredded Hologram Rose references the DeCalibration target and im/possible images.