[ Lines ]
Tacit:Blue (2015)Between a masonic pigpen and DCT

Dear DCT
You may call me an archaic old quiff
But I still believe that nothing has more aura than the invisible
So here I am, nostalgic for the secrecy and non-seeing
With my biggest fear my expiration date:
when they would understand my alliances,
and my cycle over groom waters becomes encyclopaedic

You, my dear DCT are not nice to me
Why do you mock my quest for radical freedom?

Dear Masonic Pigpen
it is a hard question: how not to be visible.
Does it mean not to reflect or not to emit a signal?
It seems to you it just means that
She cannot own the signs.

No cypher, encryption or any form of secrecy is permanent
As the once radical enigma fell through a dumb “hello”
We are all bound to become informed materials
Products of semiotic de/territorialization
Progressively enriched by information.

I celebrate obfuscation Inside a liminal space build on RLE and err
The conditions becoming readable to the OCR are flippant
You do not need to be a decommissioned
Ourobouros Because every time a new way of seeing is constructed,
A new prehistory will be generated ---

And then we are in freespace again