Whiteout (2020)
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Whiteout is based on an essay of the same title, originally written for AX15 (see below)
The sound starting from around minute 9 is from a live performance recording by Mario de Vega.
The stroboscopic images are all from the slides of the 2 year colloquium “Resolution Studies

Whiteout is inspired by my time during the CERN Collide, our climb of the Brocken and a voyage on board of a ship of the Chilean army to Antartica.

In Whiteout, I tell the story of an exhausting hike during a snowstorm. As we makes our way up the mountain, I experience the loss of physical sensations - leading to an inability to see, hear, or orient myself. While at first I knew what direction I was going, now, the spatial dimensions are wiped out. I experience oversaturation by nothing - as the environment starts to offer itself in new ways.

I ask myself, what does it mean, to move without visual or auditory references
or to physically plot a course when there is no conventional sense of direction or even horizon? 
To feel oversaturated, by a lack of anything?  What new ways of sensing can be found?

︎ ARTFORUM write up: ArtForum, December ‘21, page 207