[ geneology of glitch affect ]

Glitch Timond, 2014.11 irregular archival prints mounted on foamboard. Inspired by 
A Lexicon of Glitch ‘Affect’

In A Lexicon of Glitch ‘Affect’, I illustrate my collection of noise tropes from popular culture, where dither is co-opted by the punks, green and black binary code refers to hacker action, macroblocking signifies AI and analogue noise implies the presence of ghosts, to name just a few.

The collage shows a collection of glitch clichés collected from popular culture. These former disturbances have gained meaning beyond their technological value; the effects have became signifiers, pointing to the presence of for instance hackers, ghosts, A.I., 'reality' and lofi or retro 'emotional' technologies.
I chose to frame the chliches in non-square, non-quadrilateral windows, in different x/y/z spaces, as an example of the blindness for other possibilities caused standard resolutions.