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This Patch

Written at an altitude of 11.000 meters, crossing the white planes of Greenland. I worked so hard in the last months and now all is done and here I sit, strapped into a chair flying myself to the precipice. And once I arrive, where will I go from there?

0000 Beyond Resolution
0001 Shadow Knowledge
0010 Les Inconnues
0011 The Massage interview

  0000 Beyond Resolution
Menkman, Rosa. Beyond Resolution (i.R.D.: 2020).
ISBN: 978-90-828273-0-9

In Beyond Resolution, Menkman insists on an extended formulation of resolution. A resolution is not just a trade-off between settings that manage speed and functionality, while considering materials affordances.
A resolution also always involves the inherent compromise of other ways of rendering, and it is through these other ways - these alternative but not implemented resolutions - that we need to train to see, run and formulate our alternatives. With the example of the genealogy of the color test cards, Menkman offers an exemplary way to make such latent and biased power structures more apparent.
In Beyond Resolution, Menkman insists that these standard images, trapped in the histories of our technologies, become part of the public domain. In order to illuminate the white shadows that govern the outcomes of our image processing technologies, we must document the genealogies of standardization. These genealogies belong in high school textbooks: the latent violence coded within such norms should be studied as part of standard curricula to inform a future generation of engineers of compromises made in the past.
This independently published book consists of a collection of different types of texts ranging from short stories to an introduction into basic optics and a manifesto like text.
The publication is accompanied by a collection of artworks that Menkman developed during a triptych of solo shows (institution of Resolution Disputes, Behind White Shadows and Shadow Knowledge), all geared towards introducing and developing the concept: "Resolution Studies".

Beyond Resolution is downloadable as pdf.

0001 Shadow Knowledge
Solo show "Shadow Knowledge" at SJSU art galleries (3th of March - May 15th 2020)
(temporary closed due to corona virus)

It is often said that all we have is the past to train with. I believe there is truth to that. But some importance also lies in our contemporary state. To engage with contemporary digital culture means to be able to formulate a sharp and critical point of view, which involves analysis and active change through critical thought processes, such as speculation. Uncovering and studying these spaces of speculation is of vital importance.
What is ultimately necessary for this, is Shadow Knowledge: in the shadows, things lack definition. In the shadows we can find objects of unsupported dimension and scale, ambiguous and fluid. The shadows are blurry and liminal, but ultimately potent spaces that can exist between what is enlightened and opaque (or black boxed).
Shadows offer shady outlines, that can function either as a vector of progress or a paint by numbers. In the shadows we can rest, heal and recalibrate. Now is not the time to hope or fear. It is the time to look for new weapons. The future lies in the shadows of our present.
In Shadow Knowledge, Menkman presents four recent bodies of work, which explore the experience of lack and loss through oversaturation.
Throughout, Menkman explores what she terms “Shadow Knowledge,” the blurry and liminal, but ultimately potent space that can exist between the enlightened and the opaque, derived from objects of unsupported dimension and scale.

Publication: Beyond Resolution
photo documentation 

0010 Les Inconnues
Les Inconnues is a Telegram stickerset, made of the 24 clockface emojis, each connected to a sticker of an Inconnue (an unknown woman or shell without ghost) and their history.

Every half an hour is now set to remind one of the shells, that has lost its ghost.


A fundamental part of the history of image-processing, webdesign, and the standardization of settings within both analogue and digital media are test cards, placeholder images, bots and virtual assistants. Engineers used these female objects to evaluate the quality of image processing, the rendering and composition of architecture and to make these latent spaces more amicable. While these women seem to be able to prolong their existence for as long as the (digital) realms will copy and reuse them, most of them have lost their name and identity.

0011 The Massage

The Massage finally released the write up of a discussion I had last year with my two old friends UCNV and Nukeme, in Tokyo. Its a special one since in it we discuss the state and histories of glitch art, a subject that is dear to me, but that I don't talk about too often these days.

Read the full interview here