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0000 From a little hut in the forest, also known as the Skauhytt,
0001 Eyebeam Rapid Response residency with Sarah Grant  >> HELP!!
0010 Solo Show at SJSU: Shadow Knowledge

In the morning the little birds sing. They start when it is cold and wet and half dark. At that time, they are the only ones making sounds. One little bird got in the habit of sitting right above the place where I lay my head when I sleep. She makes a lot of noise.

During the afternoon it’s mostly storks and pigeons. They flap their wings while moving from tree to tree or twig to twig. For a while I thought they sounded like witches roaming around the forest. I did not understand I was hearing a rain of beechnuts falling from the tops of the trees all the way onto the forest floor.

In the evening the crows bark their final song,
while at night the cows next door make cosy eating sounds.

0001 Eyebeam Rapid Response residency with Sarah Grant

>>>>>>> We could really use your input!
Please take our survey and spread it amongst your peers to help us define and better understand digital crisis, not just from our bubble, but from a more wide array of perspectives!

I am excited and proud to announce that Eyebeam, a New York-based arts and technology nonprofit, recently announced us as recipients of the “Rapid Response for a Better Digital Future” residency.
Sarah Grant and I have received an initial award for the research phase of our project "digital prepper toolkit," and hope to  be awarded a follow up grand for the second phase in which we will take our research to action.

In the first stage, we are mostly focussing on (re-)defining what actually is or means "Digital Crisis".
And that is why we ask you to help us with our digital crisis survey!!

More info about our digital crisis research & our possible toolkit can be found here.

0010 Solo Show at SJSU: Shadow Knowledge
Due to the global pandemic, Shadow Knowledge, my solo show at the Nathan and Thompson galleries at San Jose State University, was open for no longer than a week.
This was a little sad, because I put a lot of time and effort into preparing the show and its works.

Luckily, shows like Constant Dullaarts "The New Outside" and queertech.io/'s mozilla hub integration of Shadow Knowledge, made me revisit and rebuilt some of the works for online environments.

Last week I also did a 1,5 hrs long talk, about archiving, for the re-opening of the show with Andrew Blanton and Rhonda Holberton.

Finally I have now moved the entire show online, while the old physical show remains in quarantine.
Publication: Beyond Resolution

Exhibition text
It is often said that all we have is the past to train with. I believe there is truth to that. But some importance also lies in our contemporary state. To engage with contemporary digital culture means to be able to formulate a sharp and critical point of view, which involves analysis and active change through critical thought processes, such as speculation. Uncovering and studying these spaces of speculation is of vital importance.   

What is ultimately necessary for this, is Shadow Knowledge: in the shadows, things lack definition. In the shadows we can find objects of unsupported dimension and scale, ambiguous and fluid. The shadows are blurry and liminal, but ultimately potent spaces that can exist between what is enlightened and opaque (or black boxed).

Shadows offer shady outlines, that can function either as a vector of progress or a paint by numbers. In the shadows we can rest, heal and recalibrate. Now is not the time to hope or fear. It is the time to look for new weapons. The future lies in the shadows of our present.