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Written at an altitude of 11.000 meters, crossing the white planes of Greenland. I worked so hard in the last months and now all is done and here I sit, strapped into a chair flying myself to the precipice. And once I arrive, where will I go from there?

0000 Beyond Resolution
0001 Shadow Knowledge
0010 Les Inconnues
0011 The Massage interview

  0000 Beyond Resolution
Menkman, Rosa. Beyond Resolution (i.R.D.: 2020).
ISBN: 978-90-828273-0-9

In Beyond Resolution, Menkman insists on an extended formulation of resolution. A resolution is not just a trade-off between settings that manage speed and functionality, while considering materials affordances.
A resolution also always involves the inherent compromise of other ways of rendering, and it is through these other ways - these alternative but not implemented resolutions - that we need to train to see, run and formulate our alternatives. With the example of the genealogy of the color test cards, Menkman offers an exemplary way to make such latent and biased power structures more apparent.
In Beyond Resolution, Menkman insists that these standard images, trapped in the histories of our technologies, become part of the public domain. In order to illuminate the white shadows that govern the outcomes of our image processing technologies, we must document the genealogies of standardization. These genealogies belong in high school textbooks: the latent violence coded within such norms should be studied as part of standard curricula to inform a future generation of engineers of compromises made in the past.
This independently published book consists of a collection of different types of texts ranging from short stories to an introduction into basic optics and a manifesto like text.
The publication is accompanied by a collection of artworks that Menkman developed during a triptych of solo shows (institution of Resolution Disputes, Behind White Shadows and Shadow Knowledge), all geared towards introducing and developing the concept: "Resolution Studies".

Beyond Resolution is downloadable as pdf.

0001 Shadow Knowledge
Solo show "Shadow Knowledge" at SJSU art galleries (3th of March - May 15th 2020)
(temporary closed due to corona virus)

It is often said that all we have is the past to train with. I believe there is truth to that. But some importance also lies in our contemporary state. To engage with contemporary digital culture means to be able to formulate a sharp and critical point of view, which involves analysis and active change through critical thought processes, such as speculation. Uncovering and studying these spaces of speculation is of vital importance.
What is ultimately necessary for this, is Shadow Knowledge: in the shadows, things lack definition. In the shadows we can find objects of unsupported dimension and scale, ambiguous and fluid. The shadows are blurry and liminal, but ultimately potent spaces that can exist between what is enlightened and opaque (or black boxed).
Shadows offer shady outlines, that can function either as a vector of progress or a paint by numbers. In the shadows we can rest, heal and recalibrate. Now is not the time to hope or fear. It is the time to look for new weapons. The future lies in the shadows of our present.
In Shadow Knowledge, Menkman presents four recent bodies of work, which explore the experience of lack and loss through oversaturation.
Throughout, Menkman explores what she terms “Shadow Knowledge,” the blurry and liminal, but ultimately potent space that can exist between the enlightened and the opaque, derived from objects of unsupported dimension and scale.

Publication: Beyond Resolution
photo documentation 

0010 Les Inconnues
Les Inconnues is a Telegram stickerset, made of the 24 clockface emojis, each connected to a sticker of an Inconnue (an unknown woman or shell without ghost) and their history.

Every half an hour is now set to remind one of the shells, that has lost its ghost.


A fundamental part of the history of image-processing, webdesign, and the standardization of settings within both analogue and digital media are test cards, placeholder images, bots and virtual assistants. Engineers used these female objects to evaluate the quality of image processing, the rendering and composition of architecture and to make these latent spaces more amicable. While these women seem to be able to prolong their existence for as long as the (digital) realms will copy and reuse them, most of them have lost their name and identity.

0011 The Massage

The Massage finally released the write up of a discussion I had last year with my two old friends UCNV and Nukeme, in Tokyo. Its a special one since in it we discuss the state and histories of glitch art, a subject that is dear to me, but that I don't talk about too often these days.

Read the full interview here

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This patch:

0000 CERN: Impossible Images
0001 AXIS // Transmediale 2020: Whiteout
Resolution Studies

Solo show at SJSU (San Jose) : Shadow Knowledge
Miscellaneous updates

0000 CERN: Impossible Images

Hola! Happy new year!

I am writing you from my desk at Fabra i Coats - Centre for Contemporary Art in Barcelona, where I just started the second part of my Collide at CERN residency. ufff... I wish I could write up all the amazing things I have learned and seen. I am still processing it all and the summary really needs more time. What follows is just a short update:
I came to CERN with a project titled Shadow Knowledge, which was supposed to be about knowledge of how to perceive and approach shadows; the fringes of what is enlightened (or not in the dark). But my focus and understanding started to shift when I realized that the metaphor I used in my artworks did not match with the language I had to use with scientists.
Long story short, after feeling a little lost in a sea of acronyms and scientific language, I buckled up and re-wrote my research question with the help of my scientific partners Jeremy Niedziela and Rolf Landua. Finally this became the start of a new and ongoing research project: Impossible Images. What I share here is just an initial collection of new thoughts that can become in time a new starting point for an art project. photos from my time at CERN.

0001 AXIS // Transmediale 2020: Whiteout
AXIS by Mario de Vega is a beautiful publication with reflective cover that comes with audio recordings made on the Aquiles, the ship that took us through the drake to Antartica, and photos from journeys to the Brocken, Himalaya and visits to aghori in India and the Northern tip of Japan, all printed on stone paper.
The special limited edition book includes my essay Whiteout, printed, white on white (a version of my contribution in pdf form is also available here, but that is just black and white pdf). So here comes another exciting part: for the 2020 edition of the Transmediale I have been asked to give a performative lecture of Whiteout during the VIP opening ceremony on the 27th of January. woof.. I am sorry this is just for the VIP opening, but be sure that this will develop further, as it always does...

0010 Resolution Studies

Since 2018 I have a fulltime position as substitute professor New Media at the KHK. During this time I expanded on the Resolution Studies curriculum. The fourth and final semester of Resolution Studies is now available here.

0011 Solo show at SJSU (San Jose) : Shadow Knowledge

My 3rd solo show in the USA opens on March 3th, at the Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery at San Jose State University, It will be on until May 15th 2020. I cant wait but I have a ton of work in front of me. And yes. What once was a project, is now a title.

0100 Miscellaneous updates

Lune magazine Issue 03: Display, The "JOURNAL OF LITERARY MISRULE", guest Edited by Nathan Jones is out! It features a contribution by me -- an oldie but one that has never been published in this format.
pdf version of just my contribution to Lune

And here is access to the OGs
// DCT:SYPHONING. The 1000000th interval (The 64th interval).
VR for OCULUS downloadable || MAC OS DMG

Also... I am so happy and honoured for Carolyn Kane to feature my 10 yrs old selfie on cover of her new book High-Tech Trash. I am now a cover model of High-Tech Trash.
Although I have not had time to read this publication, I know from her previous publication on digital color (Chromatic Algorithms) that Carolyn is an excellent writer. High-Tech Trash is published by the University Press of California and is available as hardcover, paperback or digital download published under open access. ♡

And then finally. HAPPY NEW ISO YEAR!!!!!
Never forget.
Your life is fractured and organised by a million standards imposed or implied by that organisation.

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This patch:

0000 Arts Collide International
0001 Solo Show: Pique Nique pour les Inconnues
Resolution Studies

Lexicon of Glitch Affect
Updated Bibliography

0000 Arts Collide International :: Shadow Knowledge 
Lets start this patch with some ☺ updates!!
I am so thankful and excited to win the incredible Collide International award and residency. I can't wait for my time at Cern and Fabra i Coats, its more than a dream come true. It means so much to me and for my research to obtain acknowledgement from these institutions.
The first part of my residency will start really soon, already in a couple of weeks, and I am planning to post little updates, so please subscribe to Resolution Updates if you are interested!  

Statement from CERN:
"According to the jury, comprised of Monica Bello, Arts at CERN, Oriol Gual, director of La Capella in Barcelona, Joana Hurtado, director of Fabra i Coats and Helga Timko, CERN physicist, the winning artist demonstrated a sophistication of concept and approach. Menkman’s topic focused on the idea of resolution, which resonates with CERN’s quest to perform research from the smallest to the largest scale. They found Menkman’s argument about the significance and purpose of scientific measurement and how information is filtered in and out of an experiment inspiring."

About Shadow Knowledge:
Shadow Knowledge is a research into how to perceive the shadows; the fringes of what is enlightened (or not in the dark) but also knowledge of what exists in the shadows....

Discussions about what is "real" are often fuelled by the use of terms like “hyperreal”, “fake” or "alternative facts". As a result, the 2010s have become a very interesting decennium for images of "reality". As it turns out Standard Models need extensions, fields of knowledge can scale and vision can reach beyond the unseeable. Take for instance the discovery of the Higgs boson particle (2012) or the capturing of the shadow of a black hole (2019) - these are examples of when science and imagination cross and together shatter norms previously thought of as 'universal realities'.
Even for the laymen, realities should now finally be understood as complex and multiple. And because of this, we need space for Shadow Knowledge - knowledge derived from objects of unsupported dimension and scale. In the shadows, things lack definition. The shadows offer shady outlines that can function either as vectors of progress or as a paint by numbers.

0001 Solo Show: Pique Nique pour les Inconnues 
For L’Unique Caen I revisited a few of my key works and remade them especially for the square window of the gallery. Pique Nique pour les Inconnues showcases a prepared desktop, hosting a party of ‘unknowns’ - digital and analogue objects that are usually not seen, unknown or ignored. Within the space of the desktop, one by one they obtain a voice and introduce themselves.

// Behind White Shadows of Image Processing is a video based on my essay of the same name and is on show now at the ICC Tokyo as part of "Alternative Views" in the Open Space.

// DCT:SYPHONING. The 1000000th interval (The 64th interval).
VR for OCULUS downloadable || MAC OS DMG

// Elegy for the Collapse of PAL

// Shadow Knowledge (TBU)

0010 Resolution Studies 
Since 2018 I have a fulltime position as substitute professor New Media at the KHK. During this time I made a giant overhaul of my portfolio.

All my work is now available at Beyond Resolution.

// I am publishing the slides of the curriculum of Beyond Resolution, the course I am teaching at the KHK and other presentations here.

// A general chapter on Resolution Studies can be found here.

0011 Lexicon of Glitch Affect 
This Lexicon offers an insight into the development of meaning in the aesthetics of distortion and glitch in Sci-Fi movies throughout the years, via an exhaustive analysis of hundreds of Sci-Fi Trailers of over 20 years of Box Office successes. For every distortion seen in a trailer trailer I uploaded a screenshot and a description.

In a compendium that I wish to extend to start with trailers from 1978, I reviewed 30 trailers per year to obtain an insight into the development of noise artifacts in Sci-Fi from before the arrival of the home computer, to Sci-Fi adopting the contemporary aesthetics of our ubiquitous digital devices.

My source for the trailers is the Internet Movie Database, where I accessed lists of the top-US Grossing Sci-Fi Titles per year. When watching these trailers I took screenshots whenever a distortion occured, and when possible interpreted them. Currently the database includes findings from research done into 630 trailers (1998-2018).

0100 Updated Bibliography 
Here you can find an Updated Bibliography with some links to new texts I published recently.

Rosa Menkman, 2019.
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