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Im/Possible Images
L13 Reader NR 4. 

The im/possible images exhibition (15.7.-19.9.2021) at Lothringer 13 Halle, conceptualized by Rosa Menkman and produced by Luzi Gross, presented research-based works by international artists* that open the black box of everyday image processing technologies. Some of the questions they asked were: How does the process of rendering compromise other forms to resolve data? When do aberrations and translations turn into false representations? And how has the field of computer simulation expanded the rules and functioning of our imagery?
The contributions gathered in this Reader continue questions and themes of the exhibition project im/possible images in essays, reflections, manuals and other collected materials.

This reader of accompanying materials, sits in a series of L13 readers, connected to the themes and questions of the various projects and programs curated within the Lothringer 13 Halle program. They serve to further open and extend the program and the spaces of thought it initiates. The contributions will be made available both online and in print on site at the Lothringer 13 Halle and can be individually compiled by visitors.

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Beyond Resolution.
i.R.D., 2020. ISBN:

Beyond Resolution, is an independently developed and published work - a collection of different types of text ranging from short stories to an introduction into basic optics and manifesto like text, accompanied by a collection of artworks that I developed during the time of writing.

This little book also represents a journey spanning over 5 years, during which I opened the institutions of Resolution Disputes [i.R.D.] in March 2015, hosted by Transfer Gallery in New York. In September 2017, its follow-up Behind White Shadows opened, also at Transfer. Finally, in 2020 Shadow Knowledge found its way to SJSU Galleries in San José. At the heart of all three solo shows is my research into resolutions and together these exhibitions form a triptych framework for this publication: Beyond Resolution.

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The Glitch Moment(um).
Network Notebooks 04, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2011.
ISBN: 978-90-816021-6-7.

In this book, Rosa Menkman brings in early information theorists not usually encountered in glitch’s theoretical foundations to refine a signal and informational vocabulary appropriate to glitch’s technological moment(um) and orientations. The book makes sense of recent glitch art and culture: technically, culturally, critically, aesthetically and finally as a genre.

The glitch takes on a different form in relation to noise, failure or the accident. It transitions between artifact and filter; between radical breakages and commodification processes. Menkman shows how we need to be clearer about the relationship between the technical and cultural dimensions of glitch culture. Honing in on the specificities of glitch artifacts within this broader perspective makes it possible to think through some of the more interesting implications of glitched media experience. Using a critical media aesthetic orientation, Menkman addresses the ongoing definitional tensions, paradoxes, and debates that any notion of glitch art as a genre must negotiate, rather than elude.

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translations: Farsi

editors: Nick Briz, Evan Meaney, Rosa Menkman, William Robertson, Jon Satrom, Jessica Westbrook. Unsorted Books: 2011.
ISBN: 978-4-9905200-1-411-11-11

GLI.TC/H READER[ROR] 20111 is distributed under COPY < IT > RIGHT !
license, copying/sharing is encouraged/appreciated.

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Expanded Video Lectures

A Spectrum of Lost and Unnamed Colours (2024)
In a not-too-distant future, a media archaeologist finds herself captivated by a Neon Rainbow Fairy Light, an artifact that encapsulates the entire history of the decline of nature's original "glitch"—the atmospheric rainbow.
Documentation video of exhibition show. 

The Shredded Hologram Rose (2023)
Expanded Video Essay
(lecture in 3D environment)

Angelaki (Taylor & Francis)
PDF and ePuB
De/Calibration Target (2023)
Video Essay

The Shredded Hologram Rose (2023)
Expanded Video Essay 
(lecture in 3D environment)

Angelaki (Taylor & Francis)
PDF and ePuB
A Collection of Collections Folded into a Library (2023)
Expanded Video Essay
(video lecture in 3D environment)

INC THE VOID (expanded video lecture)
Torque editions (PDF)
Refractions in Light and Time (2023)
Video Essay in 3D space.

Mapping the Destitute of Vision
distant gallery garden (2022) 
Resolution Studies Video Lecture
for MIT Unfolding Models panel presentations at MIT: 2021 "Unfolding Intelligence" Symposium
Whiteout (2020)
video essay + physical book publication
It takes more than the past to understand the archive
video essay for Stedelijk Studies, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2020)

Published Chapters

Glitch Horologies
For Outland: 2023.
Glitch: Beyond Binary
For Sotheby’s catalogue: 2023.
The Shredded Hologram Rose (2023)
Expanded Video Essay
(lecture in 3D environment)

Angelaki (Taylor & Francis)
PDF and ePuB

In: PhotoResearcher 33 (2020)
Photoresearcher site here / PDF / online
Published in: Mario de Vega. AX15. Ñ: Berlin, 2019.

Behind White Shadows.
About racism embedded in colour test cards.
in: Faceless: Re‑inventing Privacy. (De Gruyter, 2018) ed. Bogomir Doringer et al.
online version HERE / PDF

DCT SYPHONING. The 64th Interval. in: Lune magazine Issue 03: Display, Guest Edited by Nathan Jones. 2019.
DCT:64th Interval only here
How Not to be Read (a recipe using Discrete Cosine Transform)
In: Allahyari, Morehshin, Daniel Rourke.
"The 3D additivist cookbook." (2017).
Cryptographic recipe.

Machine Research 6, no. 1 (2017). Transmediale Newspaper. Edition of 3000 copies.
Elegy for the Collapse of PAL.
in: Bishop, Ryan, et al. Across and beyond: A Transmediale Reader on Post-Digital Practices, Concepts and Institutions. 2016.
Text and image spreads.
The Glitch Art Genre.
In: In/Compatible Research
A Peer-reviewed Newspaper
Spread in an edition of 3000 copies.

Glitch Studies Manifesto
online release 2010.
republished in: Geert Lovink and Rachel Somers Miles (eds), Video Vortex Reader II: moving images beyond YouTube, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2011. ISBN: 978-90-78146-12-4
original || edited by INC

Polish translation by Bogumiła Piotrowska, Piotr Puldzian Płucienniczak, Aleksandra Pieńkosz (2022)
Portuguese translation
by Italo Dantas
Spanish translation by Mauro Reis (2020) German translation as part of the publication Glitch. The Art of Interference (2023)
Iranian Translation
Early publications:
– Blip Festival, New York, US. 18–12’09.
I performed parts of the manifesto during my Little-Scale visual set
– Media Playgrounds, NIMK/Montevideo, Amsterdam, NL. 12–12’09.
Goto80 and I performed 5 points of the manifesto on live television (Salto omroep) // with some black and white error!
– Pixxelpoint Festival, Nova Gorica, SL. 05–12’09. Regular lecture.
– Video Vortex Conference, Atomium, Brussels, BE. 20–11’09. Regular lecture.

Independently Published Research

Beyond Resolution.
An introduction to my journey into a studies of resolutions.
As presented at #34C3, Leipzig, Germany || December: 2017. powerpoint performance transcription

institutions of Resolution Disputes [iRD]. 2015.
A publication of five acrylics / in
five postcards.
documentation here
Resolution Challenge
A test spread during festivals.
Forthcoming: A Lexicon of Glitch Affect. 2019.
A Vernacular of File Formats. A Guide to Database Compression Design.
Amsterdam. 2010.
available here 
The use of artifacts as critical media aesthetics.
Sept. 2009. in: ISEA 2009 Conference Proceedings Reader. March 2010 ISBN: 978-1-905902-05-7. Conference proceedings.
Entropic elasticity: Critical Glitch Artware && the demoscene. website.
Blogpost on demand. I dont now why I did that. May 2010.

In Between Manifesto
Menkman, Rosa, Tim van der Heijden and Lievnath Faber. May 2008. Manifesto.
Practice based work about the Iraq web.
Augustus 2007.

Interviews With Others

“Queer Kinship” Interview with Heather Davis by Rosa Menkman, in Living Earth: Field Notes from the Dark Ecology Project 2014-2016. Amsterdam: Sonic Acts Press, 2016: 231-238.

Dark Matters interview with Susan Schuppli. SONIC ACTS RESEARCH SERIES #21: Menkman, Rosa and Lucas van der Velden. Nov 24, 2015.
“Characters in a Drama Called Big Data: An Interview with Wendy Hui Kyong Chun.  The Noise of Being (Amsterdam: Sonic Acts Press, 2017)

Exhibition catalogues

Solo Show: TTBA.
San Jose State University Gallery. March 3th - May 15th 2019. Shadow Knowledge 
March 3th - August 2019. 
Solo show: Behind White Shadows
Press Release.

Transfer Gallery NYC: September 9th - October 7th  2017.

Glitch w/ Nick Briz
Schafhof at Erlanger.
December 12 - January 31st 2016.

Solo Show: i.R.D
Press Release.

Transfer Gallery NYC: March 28-April 15, 2015.

The Creator’s Project
Solo Show: A Vernacular of File Formats meets Extrafile.
At NFF Re:Visie. Utrecht, Netherlands: August 2011.
Raw, png, photoshop, cci
targa, jpg2000, jpg, uspec.
Solo Show: Order and Progress.
Fabio Paris Art Gallery Brescia, Italy: January 15 - February 25, 2011.

Solo Show: Pomylka || the Tipping Point of Failure. Exhibition Catalogue. Galeria NT, Lodz, Poland: November 2010.


GLI.TC/H 2112 6-9 December, Chicago.
co-facilitated with the glitch bots.

GLI.TC/H 2111 (Chicago and Amsterdam)
co-facilitated with the glitch bots.
Program downloadable here
GLI.TC/h 2110 (Chicago) 
co-facilitated with the glitch bots.
The wiki
The wiki
unfortunately destroyed by bots from the outside, but available at linked URL. 2112 zine
by the glitch Bots.
editors: Nick Briz, Evan Meaney, Rosa Menkman, William Robertson, Jon Satrom, Jessica Westbrook. Unsorted Books: 2011.
ISBN: 978-4-9905200-1-411-11-11
User Agreement: GLI.TC/H READER[ROR] 20111 is distributed under the "CopyRight" license, copying/sharing is encouraged/appreciated.
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Co-curation of Sonic Acts Festival 2017.
Co-curation of Sonic Acts Akademie 2016.

(ᴳ̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇litch) Art Genealogies : sytaxes of history running a future
Exhibition catalogue for LEAP BERLIN, 2013.
Filtering Failure
Planetart Amsterdam. 
Exhibition Catalogue. February 2011.
Glitch Moment/ums
Furtherfield Gallery London.
8 June - 28 July 2013
we make money not art Furtherfield press release
Flickr photoset
Tactical ᴳ̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇̇litches
With Nick Briz, Brescia, Italy.
24 January - 24 Feb 2014
Machinima Bits Festival. Amsterdam. 2008. 
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